Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones.

Mobile phones and smartphones: advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones

Today we discuss Advantages and disadvantages of smartphones.

smartphones were the first step on the way to mobile communication, which are still use across the board today. While in the past you used a radio to communicate wirelessly with others. Today almost everyone uses a cell phone or smartphone. With these you can theoretically reach every other user in the world. Get in touch with them – the quality of the conversation and the costs are of course another question. The simple cell phone has the clear advantage of being accessible at all times. Even when you’re on the go, important people can always call and clarify things that can’t wait. The smartphone offers even more options. Such as the use of the mobile Internet, which offers advantages and disadvantages, but also a variety of options.

Disadvantages smartphones

This allows you to write e-mails, use apps for communication. Use social networks or take advantage of other options that an Internet connection offers. Smartphones also have a much greater capacity than the ordinary mobile phone. And are still being develope further, so that they are in no way inferior to location-based communication.

Consider security risks

However, the security risks are not always low. Bluetooth connections can be spied on even a WLAN connection with the device, especially in public networks, is not harmless. For devices that are use commercially, there is another series of potential security risks that should not be neglect.


A cell phone can distract from other activities. Reading, writing or making phone calls can be particularly dangerous when driving a car. Also, hardly any employer tolerates ongoing, private use of the smartphone during working hours.

The obligation to be continuously accessible, which is often only present in the subconscious, can even develop into an internet addiction. Consciously switch off the phone every now and then, your personal quality of life will improve.

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