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How make money online?

Pakistani internet users often ask the question of how to make money online? The answer to this question is not so simple and to understand it we first have to understand how the internet works and what are the main sources of income on it?

To solve this dilemma, we have prepared two-part articles in which we have talked to both experts and consumers on the two main sources of income on the Internet and put before our readers a situation after which they Learn how to make money online.

There are two main sources of make money and income on the Internet

The first is earned through content. Content refers to multimedia content that people come to see, read or listen to on a platform that pays the content creator in return. This content can be any creative work like video, photos, audio, blogging or vlogging that is in demand in the market.

Another source of income is buying and selling through e-commerce or the internet. Where you have the opportunity to buy and sell items online without having to set up a shop, factory or similar business structure.

In which, like a traditional business, you put things up for sale online, which are bought by on-demand customers and paid for by card or cash on delivery.

In this article we will talk about the option of making money through content and try to understand how a creator can make money online.

What is the digital population?

Badr Khushnood, a digital strategist, says “there are currently 60 million internet users in Pakistan,” which is official data from a few months ago. Of that, about 3.5 million people are currently on Facebook alone. Fifty percent of which is Generation Z. These are the people who were born after 1990.

This gives you an idea of ​​how big your market is in Pakistan alone. If you include Pakistanis who understand Urdu language all over the world, the market becomes very big.

make money through content

Badr Khushnood says, “Advertisers give money to those who have traffic. Now if you understand what people are liking. ‘

This means that we need to know the needs and demands of consumers on the Internet, what kind of content they want to read, listen to, watch or buy.

But what is that content?

To find out, we headed to Kangra, a small village in Sialkot district, where we went to meet Mubashir Siddique, a V-lager who runs a channel on rural life on YouTube.

Mubashir Siddique’s channel is called ‘Village Food Secret’ and he has more than nine lakh subscribers. A large number of people come to his channel to watch his videos which show the simple rural life of Punjab. His most popular video has been viewed more than 5.5 million times.

The evangelists are very simple people and perhaps this is the simplicity of their viewers.

When we asked him about this channel, he simply said, “I have a cooking channel on YouTube. My education is matriculation, and I also did it in the third division. And I live in a very small village in Sialkot district.

You will be surprised to know that the internet is not regularly available in the village where the evangelists live and they have to go to anoth

A large number of people come to watch videos on YouTube. And since they come to watch videos, medium to long videos work better on YouTube.

The same thing applies with Facebook where short videos do better. Ad breaks on Facebook are not currently available in Pakistan.

In order to make a financial profit on Facebook, you need to get at least 30,000 views on at least three minutes of videos in two months and at least 10,000 followers on your page.

A very popular Facebook page in this regard was Nas Daily which had millions of fans and their one minute videos have been viewed by millions of place from the village and load their videos.

Platforms that pay?

There are three major platforms for making money through online content. YouTube, Facebook and WordPress or blogging.

Google is the market leader in this regard as it is monetizing its two major platforms. YouTube, the world’s largest video search engine. The second is Google Adsense, which can be used on various blogs to earn money for advertising.

Videos are mainly posted on YouTube, which has a large number of people on YouTube to watch. Various information is published on the blog in the form of text or images, along with Google or other advertisements that make money.

How does this system work?

If you start creating content that gets traffic, the advertiser will come to you automatically. This advertiser will bring you Google or Facebook.

Badr Khushnood says, “It becomes a whole system. Because the advertiser needs readers. Readers need good content. “

Here is a step-by-step guide from Badr Khushnood.

You will need a platform for your content. It could be a YouTube channel, it could be a Facebook page. Be it a video, audio or video blog or a blog with simple text. So first you have to create a digital asset to publish your content. If there is a website, you will need to purchase hosting with the domain on which your website will be based.

In the case of a website, you will then need to apply for a program called Google AdSense. In short, you have to apply for AdSense.

When you start posting content on your platform, after a certain period of time, your website will start coming to a certain extent when a few hundred or a few thousand people. So you can go to’s AdSense and apply. And so you start getting paid according to your traffic.

Advertisers pay for YouTube, in which they place ads on videos. And 45% have YouTube, and 55% have video makers.

What do people want to see?

We asked this question to Badr Khushnood, who immediately said, “This is a million dollar question.”

“The easiest and most scientific way to do this is to have some free and third-party tools from Google that you can use,” Badr said. Google Trends, for example, is a tool. Go there and see what people are asking for in the world, what they are looking for.

But you have to do all this research six months in advance, according to Badr. And the content has to be created accordingly so that you get ranked in the search engines. When the results pages appear, you will automatically receive traffic.

“Whether or not to create content should be based on science and not on assumptions or personal likes and dislikes,” Badr insisted. There is scientific data that will tell you what people are reading and searching for. Accordingly, if you create content, your path to success is reduced.

How much money do you get?

Evaluating this, Badr said, “You can earn from a hundred dollars to a thousand dollars on one million views.”

When we asked Mubashir Siddique the same question, he said, “Praise be to God, my monthly income is an average of 300,000 per month.” Sometimes it goes up from 300,000 to 25,000, sometimes it goes down to 25,000.

Top tips

We asked both Badr Khushnood and Mubashir Siddique what they would give the best tips to our readers.

YouTube is a great resource for digital education. Free content, lots of content. We have to turn this information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. But we have to do it ourselves. So instead of wasting time if we try to turn information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom. So I think we can not only learn. It can teach a lot to the next generation. “

“In the first six months, there were no videos at all,” says Mubashir. Two, four, ten views a day. Videos only stopped at twenty-five views. But as soon as a couple of videos went viral, thank God the views of all the videos started coming.

And about the importance of learning, he says, “As long as you have life, you learn.” Don’t stop learning, learn from mistakes. Make every upcoming video, every coming day better than the first day. So, God willing, you will succeed.

So just as Mubashir  Siddique adopted rural life as his main offer, you have to understand what you want to show. Do you want to write about economics or do logging on to tourism? You also need to understand what platform you want to work for.

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