Important tips for men health

I am discussing here very useful and important tips for men health.

Among the best known brands in the world. The health of men is entirely center on the men health of the body. Full of advice, starting from proper nutrition, going on trips, he meets sportsmen and entrepreneurs. Columns dedicated to technology and current affairs, not forgetting the current fashion and trends. A 360 degree male. Men Health can now boast 40 editions worldwide with 20 million readers and the new Italian edition plays a fundamental role in the group.



THE COVERSTORY: the cover is dedicate to the first major service of each issue of Men’s Health, always inspired by a symbolic male character. They are characters who have a story to tell, sex symbols or athletes who have distinguished themselves for strong experiences of life.

The clubs: these short sections dedicated to all the main areas of a man’s life are a sort of small instruction manual to survive the daily challenges that await every man: from fitness to sex, from looking after one’s appearance to engines, from food for health, without renouncing the wisdom of the legendary bartender or friend of the heart and the advice of experts!
Nutrition: for those who love eating well to stay fit or simply for the pleasure of eating healthy and tasty foods;

Muscles: the lessons, tips, tricks and secrets of the best experts and best athletes from around the world. A complete guide, rich and suitable for all needs to stay fit and feel good, to train in the right way in all conditions, to inform and guide on the most current and innovative trends in physical preparation and fitness, with clear illustrations , spectacular photos and exhaustive explanations. In this field only Men’s Health has always offered the opportunity to have a real personal trainer available to satisfy every request and answer every question.
Style: every month a useful and practical fashion dossier with the presentation of the coolest clothes and accessories of the moment. The style tips and essential information to have an always updated wardrobe, always renew it and keep it in the best way.

Health: Men’s Health is the best magazine in the world for those who want to be informed and helped on all health and wellness problems. Here every month there is advice, information on issues related to all aspects of male health.
Sex: Men’s Health is today’s best friend and there is no shortage of topics on its pages that revolve around sex, always treated in an ironic and never vulgar way. All with the help of experts, surveys and with the advice of the girl of the month.

Life: the final section of the magazine is dedicated to a broader look at today’s life, the world and current affairs and the most interesting events for a man, from books to music, from travel to high-tech accessories.

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