Who is Allah

Who is Allah?

I .. where did you come from? Where do I walk? What is the purpose of my coming to this life? Do you see me being create in vain with no purpose in my life? Or is there a goal behind my existence? How did you come to this life? Was there a coincidence, as some say? How reliable is this? Could coincidence that all beauty and perfection exist in everything in the universe? Is this theory a share of validity in the era of science? Or is it nature that created me as some of them say? What is that nature? What is its truth and its meaning? Can nature be unique to creation? Is it one thing or many, many and varied things? Does she have a mind that masterminds her, or does she have no mind? Can what does not have a mind to create the wise thinker?

Allah is Great

Or is there a God who created all this universe and created his creativity and mastered it, and put everything in its place, so that if everything were not as we see it now, there would be no life? Did this god mean that to show his wisdom? we know its accuracy and exquisite workmanship?

And if there is a God, did we know this God? why did we create this god? what does he want from us? Did we command to worship him? how did he do that? why did not this god himself show us, so that he would not be subject to stabbed appellants nor to deny the deniers? if you believed in the existence of God? What are the characteristics of this faith? What is his method?

And why do we need this god to introduce himself? Is the mind not enough to reach and know it? What are the reasons for its insufficiency? Which of these methods do I follow? This is all we are trying to explain in the following pages.

Causality principle:

With a simple look .. If we look at the sky and the earth, we find that the rain comes from the clouds, that the fruit comes from the trees, that the trees grow from the water and soil, and that the water originates from the oxygen and the hydrogen, and man has not seen since opening his eyes to the presence that an accident occurred without a reason Or, that something existed without a being, until this meaning became – by virtue of the force majeure – the mind does not perceive its otherwise, nor reassure others.

This principle is reject only by a sick mind like a fool, or a minor mind like a child who breaks the container, then he says that it was broke alone, and incidents took place on this law, until it became a recognized principle in the books of philosophy, and called (the principle of causation) which is the first principle of the mind Knowledge manager, because it is the basis of mental judgments and logical trials.

So, our saying is that every accident must be cause by a cause or must be for every one who is present, a certainty is take for grant, and the mind does not accept others, and therefore it is not possible for an accident to happen on its own or for something to exist without something.

On the basis of this rule, we say: Our world of land, mountains, trees, people, animals, planets and suns must be update, so this world must be from the Creator.

That is why the simple Arab man said, “The camel denotes the camel, and the effect indicates the path, the night of the day and the day of the teak, and the sky with constellations, so does it denote the expert craftsman?” (1)

Heroes of the universe:

However, he may say to us: This ancient world is eternal (that is, there is no beginning to its existence) and no end to it, and this view is also invalidated by knowledge and established laws. Knowledge has proven that just as a person has a lifetime, the planets and galaxies are ages, and that there will come a day when life will not exist On the surface of the earth, even further, they have said that this world has a temporal beginning, and this issue has been said by philosophers before and is now proven wrong.

The second law of thermodynamics proves that this universe cannot be eternal, as there is a continuous heat transfer from hot objects to cold objects, and the opposite cannot happen by subjective force, so that heat returns and returns from cold objects to hot bodies.

This means that the universe is heading to a degree in which the heat of all objects is equal, and the specific energy is depleted, and on that day there will be no chemical or natural processes, and there will be no trace of life in this universe.

As life is still in place, and chemical and natural processes are still moving in its path, we can conclude that this universe cannot be eternal; otherwise, it consumed its energy long ago, and all activity ceased to exist.

Thus, science unintentionally concluded that this world has a beginning, and by this it proves the existence of God, because what has a beginning cannot be started by himself, and he must have a principle or creator, which is God. (2)

The sun’s atoms are shattered in its high-temperature heart, and by this extensive continuous breakdown this enormous heat energy is generated. As is well known, the atom when shatter loses part of its mass, where this part turns into energy, meaning that every day that passes through the sun means the loss of a part And if it goes from its mass, as will the rest of the stars. (3)

By using radiological relationships and other means, scientists have been able to estimate the age of the Earth, estimated at five billion years, and therefore this universe cannot be eternal, and this is consistent with the second law of thermodynamics, which has already been mentioned. (4)

Not only that, but science has proven that this universe began at once, about five billion years ago, and is still in a process of continuous expansion starting from the center of its origin, and today it is imperative that those who believe in the results of science believe in the idea of ​​creation as well, an idea that looks forward to Sunan Nature, because these sunnahs are the fruit of creation as well, and they must also acknowledge the idea of ​​the Creator who created these laws, so it is not reasonable that there will be creation without a Creator. (5)

From all this, it becomes clear to us that this universe is not ancient, just as it did not create a subjective genesis, so it must have found it.

Evidence of the nullity of the coincidence theory:

We come here to those who say that this world arose by chance, to show with definite evidence that it is impossible.

Earth’s suitability for life:

The suitability of the Earth takes many forms that cannot be explained on the basis of chance or randomness. The Earth is a ball suspended in space, which revolves around itself, resulting in the sequence of night and day.

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